Annual Conference CIF 4

1 of July, 2017, 13:00, Sakharov Centre (Moscow, Russia)

CIF (CryptoInstallFest) is a practical conference, where IT-engeneers, lawers and civil society activists will talk about affairs regarding freedom of speech and Internet censorship. There we will talk about government regulations of the Internet and about how to keep anonymity, how to secure your private data. We will also discuss new technologies of blockchain and redundancy which helping us to protect the Internet today and about forthcoming technologies which will help us to protect it tomorrow.

CIF 4 — Internet and the State.

The State is embracing the Internet harder and harder. New proposals about regulation of the Net appear rapidly nowadays: Anti-piracy act/Blocking Law, Yarovaya Law, “Internet access with passport” etc.

What is it? Real care of the State about its citizens? Protection of Informational Sovereignty? Or an attempt to gain control over a free virtual space?

The program has two sections planned: discussion and practical (technical).

In the first part we will have a discussion about importance priority: the interests of the State or the freedom of the users. At the second part, experts will talk about how to preserve anonymity and protect private data from prying eyes, as well as modern technologies of decentralization, blockchain, etc.

Venue: Moscow, Sakharov centre, ul. Zemlyanoy val 57, st.6

1 of July 2017. Start at 1 PM

CIF4 organisators

Intrregional public organisation of information society development «Try to change the reality» (Poprobuy pomeniat’ realnost’) (MOO PPR)
and the «Pirate Party of Russia»



Anton Ershov
Stuff member of MOO PPR

CIF coordinator

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